The Star Behind HERSTAR™

Follow Your Dream

It’s been said that everyone has a history — well I don’t. I have a “herstory” … It’s an account of the things I’ve experienced which has led me to where I am now and my hopes of being around long enough to learn it’s not about how old you are, but how good you are. So I want to take a minute in this blog to share a few things about "mystory" which evolved into HERSTAR™, in the hopes that I might inspire every reader to ‘follow your dream’!

Sports may be most men’s passion, but constantly spinning around in my very female head was the thought of shoes! Ahhh - my love! As a shoe fanatic, I didn’t only want every shoe my eyes scrutinized, I wanted to sell shoes: not just ordinary sport-oriented sneakers, but high-end personally customized, highly adventurous, fashion footwear! On my quest for success, it didn’t take me long to discover that men love sports and hate shopping. My hope? Integrate the two. It was time to step away from the ordinary – sneakers for sports – stilettos for dance…my vision was to make HerStar a rite of passage for all sport fans and shoe lovers.

My daunting question was ‘did I have sufficient infectious enthusiasm to transform my dream into a profitable business and launch my career in the fashion world?’ Turns out, I did! With nose to the grind, I learned the art of shoe design and construction by cobbling my own, speaking to shoe manufacturers, studying pattern making, and of course, trial and error. By 2007 my second line of high fashion sports footwear, a small luxury leather line, and a playful juniors line was skyrocketing and by 2011 HERSTAR shoes were being worn by celebrities and sports stars nationwide.

And in 2012, our NBA Partnership begins! 

Oh yes, there were times when I was pushed to make every minute count; other times I found myself to be lethargic with bouts of insomnia. Not wanting to simply live in ‘survival mode’ I pressed myself to take time to live intentionally, with a watchful eye on relationships with family and friends – my greatest investment.

A balancing act to say the least…but success was on the horizon. In a hubbub of activity and excitement HERSTAR™, was launched in 2011 and we were in business. Orders started pouring in to the point we had to initiate a ‘wait list’ Today, HERSTAR™, has become a unique global leader in the women's sports fashion footwear and apparel. HERSTAR shoes and apparel is also rapidly expanding its global business through licensing agreements for promotional and niche footwear. HERSTAR™, is indeed five star all the way!

I’m sure that many of us have heard the saying, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” In my own life, I have proven this to be true. No doubt, opportunity is often missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Building my career/business was and is hard work, but definitely rewarding in every arena.

Now that you know a little about the conception of HERSTAR™, why not take a minute to visit our site and custom order your favorite Team, Player, or even your old High School Mascot in a Sexy High Heel.

NBA Playoffs are here ! Ladies, it’s time to spoil yourself. Nothing says “I love you” like a thoughtful, unique gift. Don’t just ask for a new pair of ‘sneakers’. Treat yourself! Ask for HERSTAR™,